Year Group Retreats

"As a School, we are very lucky to have two Lay Chaplains (Alfie & Niamh). Even more so, ones who come with an incredible background in spiritual life; both worked at retreat centres during their gap years. Due to this unique background, our Chaplaincy team aims to have at least one in-school retreat day annually for KS3. We truly believe that time together with Christ provides an incredible opportunity for faith, support and wellbeing.

Additionally, we are planning to build in annual over-night residential retreats to Alton Castle for years 7 and 8. This 3-4 day residential experience provides an incredible opportunity to support and develop our faith while learning activities that we might not usually get to try out. Alton Castle offers an opportunity for young people to experience God's wondrous creation and beauty of the world in which we live in by going out into the countryside. Some such activities include archery, abseiling, rock climbing and much more. Check out: to find out more. 

In conjunction, we are planning to build day-out and residential retreats to Soli-House in Alton for years 9 and 10 students. This retreat experience aims to inspire young people to talk more about their faith in an open and accepting environment. We understand that growing up will lead to questions about faith and retreats like these are a perfect way to ask them. This retreat opportunity hosted by Kenelm Youth trust is about peer ministry and small group work, allowing young people to truly be themselves and openly share and explore the things that really matter to them. Check out: to find out more.

This being said, our Chaplaincy team treasures providing opportunities to experiences faith. Our aim is to build in day events sponsored across the diocese and/or held by the Kenelm Youth Trust. Such successful events held in the past include Radiant- Girls Event 2020; a day where year 10 students listened to talks about a woman’s role in the church.

Finally, as a school we hope to attend the Birmingham Archdiocese Annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, this is a week that is truly magical. During the visit, we will have the opportunity to help sick pilgrims attend masses and access the various parts of Lourdes, while also making friends with various different schools within the Birmingham area. As both of our Lay Chaplains have had the privilege of attending Lourdes on pilgrimage, we can attest that this opportunity will stay with you, guarantee that you come you will make friends with someone who you didn’t know before going, humble you and bring you closer to faith.  Our aim is to be a part of the wider social outreach in faith. We are looking forward to building a pilgrimage for BCCC and truly appreciated being a part of the Lourdes Live 2020. For more information check out the Lourdes tab on the school website."