16 January 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

This term, Year 8 will sit their T1 assessments. These assessments will take place between Monday 3rd February 2020 and Friday 6th March 2020. Please note that some subjects assess students based on work they are completing in class and in these subjects there will not be a formal test.  Students will be told the dates of individual assessments in advance by their class teachers. These assessments will be referenced when reports are written. However, this should not be highly anxiety-inducing; students should try their best.  

One of the skills we are trying to teach our students is resilience: a ‘can do’ attitude. As such, we feel that this will give them an opportunity to learn and develop revision techniques which will be crucial for both these assessments and their future, more stringent, linear GCSEs. They will be taught revision techniques within class; however, they may need help in organising their time at home to revise effectively based on their homework and notes.  Information for subjects outlining what topics to focus their revision on are shown below.

Assessments will take place in every subject. After this process, they will be marked and reported on at Parents’ Consultation Day on Thursday 2nd April 2020. Appointments for this will be arranged shortly. 

If your child is worried about this process or the assessments, please ask them to speak to their respective teachers, Miss Hunter or myself in advance of the exams. 

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs Brown
Head of Year 8

Year 8 T1 Subject Information Sheets