Were you born to perform? Do you love visiting the theatre? Can you inspire an audience? If so, please read on.

Drama and Theatre Studies A Level is a practical, intellectual and artistic subject that requires you to communicate in a practical and creative way. Over the two years you will extend your knowledge and ability to create drama and theatre in a performing or production role. Crucially you will be involved in performance.

As well as the practical aspects of the course, the written component challenges you to develop powers of analysis to become an informed critic in conjunction with the study of plays and playwrights.

If you have a passion for the theatre and for performance and are committed to hard work and application you will thoroughly enjoy this course.

Performing Arts is at the heart of the Bishop Challoner Community. Our aim is to encourage a love of the performing arts as well as provide a wealth of opportunities to every student in the school, whatever their particular interest. Whether a pupil attends an extra-curricular activity once a week for fun, or a student wishes to eventually become a professional - our goal is to nurture and promote an imaginative performance, under the supervision of dedicated, caring and highly qualified staff.

Our range of extra-curricular activities and the Arts teachers' commitment to excellent Arts provision ensure that Creative Arts is a high profile department which has recently been recognised both regionally and nationally. Firstly, we have been awarded the Artsmark Gold by the Arts Council England for outstanding Arts provision and education. We have also been awarded the prestigious Knights of Saint Columba Trophy 5 years in a row for the best school production in Birmingham.

Challoner is very much in touch with theatre in the outside world and students benefit from working with visiting professional companies and guest tutors from film, stage and television. It prepares students for auditions and has established links with the major drama schools and leading theatrical agents and companies.

Performing Arts subjects enhance academic achievement in every area of the curriculum. The students' involvement in the Arts, both in the classroom and through the wealth of extra-curricular activities, helps boost confidence, self-esteem, motivation and individuality.

The Performing Arts Department is the perfect place for students to develop their potential both professionally and personally. This is a community of young people who know what they want to achieve and who are working with confidence and enthusiasm towards it.

Drama syllabus