Design and technology shapes the world around us. Through study of the subject young people have the opportunity to develop an unrivalled set of transferable skills, thus empowering them to solve the problems of our society and improve quality of life.

At Bishop Challoner, our aim is to provide pupils with a diverse, engaging curriculum which fosters creative thinking and innovation in Food, Textiles, and Product Design. Design and Technology is excellently placed to allow development of personal, learning and thinking skills such as enquiry, time management, active participation, team working and reflective practice. These skills transfer across the school curriculum and into life outside school. Links with learning in other subjects, particularly Art and Design, Maths and Science, are encouraged and there is a good balance between academic learning and the development of practical skills. Located at the heart of the school, the department comprises 5 newly refurbished teaching rooms each resourced with cutting edge facilities to ensure pupils are well equipped to succeed.

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The AQA Product Design (3D Design) course is offered at AS and A Level. Though the majority of students opting for this pathway have already completed the GCSE course, it is possible to commence work on the specification without any previous experience of the subject. Students are encouraged to take a broad view of design and technology, to develop their capacity to design and make products of worth and to appreciate the relationship between design materials, manufacture and marketing.

At A/S there are two components, coursework which is worth 50% of the A/S grade and 25% of the A Level grade and a two hour exam which is worth 50% of the A/S Level grade and 25% of the A Level grade. The structure is repeated at A2.

In year 12 a portfolio approach is practiced, where by students complete 2-3 design and make projects which involve manipulation of plastics, metals, timber, man made board and smart materials. Students acquire the relevant knowledge and understanding relating to materials, components, processes, manufacture and design and market influences (which will be tested in the exam) through their design and make pratise and theory based lessons. In year 13, students are encouraged to reflect upon their experiences at A/S Level to negotiate their own project which will be entered as the assessed coursework for this year.

Product Design syllabus