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Dear Parent/Carer

As we begin the spring term, I wanted to wish you all a happy New Year and hope that 2023 brings health, happiness and peace to you and your family.

The beginning of the Spring Term is an important time for Year 8 students at Bishop Challoner. Students will be starting to prepare for their Transition 1, or T1 assessments in a number of subjects.

These assessments coincide with the mid-point of a student’s learning in Key Stage 3. 

Assessments will take place in the period from Monday 30th January 2023 to Friday 17th February 2023.

Assessments will be completed during normal lesson time and an assessment timetable is now published on the school website, along with guidance on the topics to be assessed within each subject. Please make sure that your child refers to this guidance as it will help them to feel effectively prepared for these assessments.

The results of these assessments, and particularly English, may result in some group changes. Any group changes will be designed to ensure that students are in the correct teaching group in the next phase of Key Stage 3.

In March you will have an opportunity to discuss the progress your child is currently making during our Parent Consultation Afternoon. More details on this will follow.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Year 8 students every success with their assessments. With thorough preparation and organisation, students will be in a position to produce encouraging results thus demonstrating the progress they have made.

If you have any queries regarding the T1 assessments, please do hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards

Mr I Brown                                                                         Ms E Crutchley

Head of Year 8                                                                  Assistant Head of Year 8

Updated 17/01/2023.  Changes shown in yellow.

Year 8 T1 Subject Information and Guidance

Updated 17/01/2023.  Changes shown in yellow.

Year 8 T1 Timetable


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