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Bishop Challoner Sports Premium Primary Programme

The government announced that funding to develop primary Physical Education and School Sport would start from the 1st September 2013 for 2 years. As a Specialist Sports College that has used PE and School Sport to raise standards and aspirations across the whole school we welcomed this exciting news of substantial investment in Primary Physical Education and Sport. We were also delighted that this funding was ‘ring fenced’ and will be monitored for effectiveness through Ofsted reviews and inspections as this will ensure that the funding will have a sustainable impact.

Our Sports Premium Programme continues to go from strength to strength and we now have 28 primary schools buying in to 3 different options which support schools to provide more opportunities for young people to be physically active and for teachers to develop their knowledge and confidence to teach PE lessons across the curriculum. We are working with 6 new schools this year through our Extended Primary Sports Premium Programme, namely Hilstone, Cottesbrooke, Bournville Juniors, St Joseph’s, St Chad’s and Woodcock Hill and we look forward to working alongside all staff and pupils.

How is the Bishop Challoner Sports Premium Primary Programme managed?

The programme is managed and developed by a dedicated team of people including:

  • Mr D. McDermott who is the School Games Organiser (SGO)
  • Mr N. Moon and staff within the PE department within Bishop Challoner Catholic College.
  • Mr E. O’Connor who is Director of Studies.

What do we offer?

Option 3 - School Provision with a PE Specialist

Through this programme schools benefit from two hours of high quality PE per week delivered by a specialist PE teacher who works alongside primary teaching staff. The primary school decides on the year group and members of staff who will receive the extra provision. This can be utilised to develop staff confidence, raise achievement of target groups or support staff with assessment.

Option 2 - Developing and Sustaining Outstanding Leadership, Teaching & Learning in PE

Teaching PE can be both challenging and exciting and our programme provides a wide variety of professional development opportunities for teaching staff including:

  • 1 day or 2 twilight sessions with a whole school approach to raising achievement in PE and improved understanding of how to structure and deliver PE lessons.
  • Access to 9 training days in all National Curriculum PE areas which are designed to allow teachers to gain knowledge and skills to improve their understanding of specific activities to enable pupils to benefit from high quality PE. Teachers will be able to plan progressive lessons that engage and challenge pupils and use assessment as part of the learning process to diagnose learners’ needs and plan how to help their pupils make progress.
  • Our 3 day course is designed to support NQTs and teachers in their second and third year of teaching in developing their delivery of PE. During this programme, teachers will be supported in developing a secure knowledge of the PE curriculum to plan progressive lessons that engage and challenge pupils in games/physical literacy, gymnastics and dance.
  • We also have a two day ‘coaching’ programme which is designed for a specialist PE teacher to work alongside a teacher or small group of teachers to plan a unit of work in a specific activity. Coaching will support teachers during the planning process to model engaging lessons and support pupil achievement. Effective coaching can help build confidence for teachers to deliver outstanding lessons and to be able to demonstrate progress within a lesson and over time.
  • Training and support for PE Coordinators is provided over 4 days in the year. PE Coordinators will receive support in such areas as analysing strengths and areas for development within their existing curriculum maps and schemes of work, staff audits and supporting staff through appropriate CPD, demonstrating progress over time both inside and outside the classroom and systems and processes for managing and using data to support and evidence pupil progress.
  • Finally, a specialist PE teacher visits schools to support the PE Coordinator to focus on any or all of the five steps to prepare for OFSTED; PE Improvement Plan, improving the quality of teaching and learning, staff audits, lesson planning and delivery and pupil progress over time.

Option 1 – Competition, Coaching, Club Links and Developing and Sustaining High Quality Youth Leadership

Schools who we work with this year participate in a number of programmes including:

  • Competition – A major part of our programme is organising even more sports competitions for young people to take part in and to support schools to encourage boys and girls who do not normally participate in competitions to take part.
  • Coaching and club links – Every school who buys in to our programme receives 5 weeks extra-curricular coaching in a sport of their choice in which they intend to participate in a level 2 competition. To support this we continue to work alongside local sports clubs, such as Kings Heath Cricket Club, Moseley Golf Club, Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre and Camp Hill Rugby Club.
  • Play Leaders – Our primary Playleaders programme gives a school access to a high quality programme to support the training and development of year 5 and 6 pupils to become Playleaders within school and seeks to ensure that the programme is supported by lunchtime supervisors. We provide 1 days training and a half day refresher training to Year 5 and 6 pupils to be competent and confident Playleaders who all receive high quality resources, lanyards, bibs and certificates.

They are then deployed back in their school during break times and lunch times to help organise offer structured games to the other young people in the school. Participation in the programme increases the self-confidence and organisational skills of trained play leaders and also raises the physical activity levels of other young people within the school.

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