Welcome to Bishop Challoner Catholic College

To contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team please email enquiry@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk

Senior Leadership Team

Dr J Coughlan


Mr G Hetherton

Senior Vice Principal

Mr B McGurran

Senior Vice Principal (on secondment)

Mr S Shore

Senior Vice Principal

Mrs E Breen

Vice Principal/SDSL

Mr D Hearnden

Vice Principal

Mr E O'Connor

Vice Principal

Mrs C Taylor

Vice Principal/Director of Training School

Mrs L Choudhury

Assistant Principal

Mr J Cunnane

Assistant Principal

Mrs E Giubertoni

Assistant Principal

Mrs M Moon

Assistant Principal

Mrs M Nutt

Assistant Principal

Mrs J Baptiste

Associate Assistant Principal

Mr C Catto

Associate Assistant Principal

Mr S Jethwa

Associate Assistant Principal

Mrs R Prince

Strategic Chief Finance Officer



Student Services Pastoral Team

Miss J Beard

Head of Year 7


Mr D Fell

Assistant Head of Year 7


Mrs H McGowan

Head of Year 8


Miss E Shirley

Assistant Head of Year 8


Mr S Clarke

Head of Year 9


Miss L Williams

Assistant Head of Year 9


Miss H Hunter

Head of Year 10


Mrs R Higginson

Assistant Head of Year 10


Mrs Z Dawson

Head of Year 11


Miss T Barron-Richardson

Assistant Head of Year 11


Dr S Osborne

Head of Year 12


Mrs M Healy

Head of Year 13



Mrs E Breen

Vice Principal
Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs M Nutt

Associate Principal
Deputy DSL


Mrs K Peckover

Student Support Manager
Deputy DSL


Mrs R Reynolds

Student Support and Mental Health Team
Deputy DSL


Mr D Woodbridge

Head of Business Studies
Deputy DSL


SEND Department

Mrs C Brown

Assistant SENCO


Mrs I Goetschel

Assistant SENCO


Miss R Hampson

Assistant SENCO


Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

Mrs Breen

Vice Principal
Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mr Clarke

Head of Year 9
Mental Health Team


Mrs Nutt

Associate Principal
Deputy DSL


Mrs Peckover

Student Support Manager
Deputy DSL


Mrs Reynolds

Student Support and Mental Health Team
Deputy DSL


Mr Quigley

Student Support and Mental Health Team


Name Subject(s) Responsibilities
Miss H Ali   Cleaner
Mr S Andrews   Cleaner
 A Anish Maths  
Ms W Ashton   Catering Manager
Mrs J Baptiste Art & Design Technology Associate Assistant Principal
Miss D Barbier   Maths Hub Administrator
Mr J Barnett English  
Ms T Barron-Richardson RE Assistant Head of Year 11
Mrs E Bassett   Catering Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs J Bassett   Domestic Services Co-ordinator
Mr  K Bassett   Cleaner
Miss J Beard English Head of Year 7
Mr G Bell English  
Mr  C Bennett History 2 i/c History
Miss S Benton   Cleaner
Mrs S Bi   Cleaner
Ms A Bibi Science  
Mrs F Bisset RE Director of Study: Character, Wellbeing and Rewards/Head of PSHE/Lead Teacher (maternity leave)
Mr J Bloxidge Maths SLE
Mrs E Breen RE Vice Principal/SDSL
Mrs A Brennan   Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs   C Brown Science Assistant SENCo
Mr I Brown English  
Mrs K Brown RE Head of RE
Mr S Brown Science  
Mr T Bunn Maths  
Miss H Burton   Executive Assistant
Mrs M Butler   Catering Assistant
Mr B Capper RE  
Mr T Carpenter Maths KS5 Co-ordinator
Miss E Carter History  
Mr C Catto Science Associate Assistant Principal- Science/SLP/CPD/KS5 Assessment
Mrs M Ceesay   Catering Assistant/Cleaner
Mr K Cheshire   Premises Officer
Mrs M Cheshire   Lunch Time Recreation Supervisor/Cleaner
Mrs L Choudhury Music Assistant Principal
Miss T Claire Pyschology  
Mr S Clarke Maths Head of Year 9/Raising Standards Intervention Lead
Mr A Cole PE  
Mrs H Coley Science Science Primary Liaison/Deputy SLP Lead
Mrs E Colgan   Student Services Adviser/Careers Adviser
Mrs J Cormell   Cook
Dr J Coughlan Maths Principal
Mr J Coughlan Science Assistant Timetabler
Mrs M Court   Administration Support- SEN
Mr R Crawford   DT Technician
Miss L Crump   Sports Centre Manager/Reception
Ms E Crutchley MFL  
Mr J Cunnane RE Assistant Principal
Mrs L Dane Art & Design Technology  
Miss E Darby   Head of Student Services- Post 16/Careers Leader
Mrs Z Dawson Geography Head of Year 11/2 i/c Geography
Mrs J Doyle   Catering Assistant
Mrs S Durkin   Student Services Administrator
Miss L Edge   Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs A Edmond   Catering Manager
Miss S Ellis PE Head of Girls PE (maternity leave)
Ms P Evans   Catering Assistant
Mr D Fell Sociology/History Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs C Fitzpatrick   SSWIS Project Co-ordinator
Miss S Fletcher   Senior Science Technician
Mrs S Flynn-Vilic English  
Mr A Fogarty   Premises Assistant
Miss H Ghoris Science FTS Deputy Co-ordinator (maternity leave)
Mrs E Giubertoni English Assistant Principal
Mrs I Goetschel English Assistant SENCo/Pupil Premium Co-ordinator/Eco Co-ordinator (maternity leave)
Mr A Graham Computing  
Mrs B Grater   Reprographics
Mrs J Griffiths   Personnel & Safeguarding Administrator/Clerk to Governors
Mrs J Gul   Finance Assistant
Mrs C Haines   Teaching School Co-ordinator
Miss R Hampson PE Assistant SENCo
Mrs C Harris   Computing Hub/EdTech Administrator
Mrs M Healy Science Head of Year 13
Mr D Hearnden   Vice Principal/SLT
Miss H Hearnden   Student Services Administrator/Marketing
Miss F Hebbes Maths  
Mr G Hetherton Economics Senior Vice Principal
Mrs R Higginson Art & Design Technology Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs M Hodges English PSHE/Student Services Assistant
Mrs A Hodgin   Teaching School Administrator
Mrs L Houldcroft-Flint   Examinations Officer
Miss S Hughes Music Head of Music
Miss H Hunter PE/Health and Social Care Head of Year 10/Head of Health and Social Care
Dr S Jameson Science Science Assessment Co-ordinator
Mrs J Jethwa Performing Arts/English Standards for Learning Intervention Lead/2 i/c PSHE
Mr S Jethwa Maths Associate Assistant Principal- Maths Hub Lead
Mrs R Jogia   Cleaner
Mrs C Jones   Cleaner/Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs G Jones   Cleaner
Mrs J Jones Science/Health & Social Care  
Mrs J Jones   First Aid
Mr R Jones   Premises Quality Assurance Officer
Ms Y Jones   Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Kearney   Lunch Time Supervisor
Mr M Keeley MFL  
Mr O Khitab Business Studies/Computing Vocational Co-ordinator- IT
Mrs C Klerides English/Media Studies Head of Media Studies (maternity leave)
Mr J Knowles Law  
Mr S Laight PE  
Miss G Laszlo English  Deputy Leader of English
Miss K Law PE/Dance Extra Curricular and Leadership Co-ordinator
Mr J Leghorn   Finance Administrator
Miss R Lloyd English/Media Studies Deputy Leader of English
Ms C Lynch Food Design & Technology/RE Head of Food Education
Mr K Malley PE  
Mrs A Marsh English Associate Principal - Head of English
Mr B Mashadi-Ebrahim Maths/Computing KS3 Computing Co-ordinator
Mrs D Masih   Finance Administrator
Miss S Mayor Science Head of Biology/Lead Teacher
Miss C Mazabraud MFL Head of MFL
Ms J McCartney   Catering Assistant
Mr D McDermott PE School Games Organiser
Mrs H McGowan MFL Head of Year 8
Ms L McGowan   Teaching Assistant
Mr  B McGurran History Senior Vice Principal/Acting Principal JHNCC
Mrs H Middup Maths Primary Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs M Moon PE Assistant Principal
Mr N Moon PE Associate Principal
Mrs L Moreton Design Technology/Health & Social Care  
Mrs A Morgan Maths TSA Lead Senior Mentor/Lead ITE Maths Mentor
Mr L Mullins Geography Director of Study- Head of Geography
Mrs B Newton   Student Services Assistant/Librarian
Mr G Noone PE Head of Boys PE
Mrs M Nutt RE/MFL Assistant Principal
Ms E O'Brien   Catering Assistant
Mrs L O'Brien   Admissions/Teaching School Administrator
Mr E O'Connor PE Vice Principal 
Mrs S O'Connor   Maths Hub Administrator
Mrs T O'Connor Art & Design Technology Director of Study- STEM & Primary STEM Outreach (maternity leave)
Ms S Oenga MFL  
Dr S Osborne Science Head of Chemistry/Head of Year 12 (acting)
Mr L Packham   Head of ICT Technical Team
Miss G Page   Catering Assistant
Ms P Page   Cleaner/Lunch Time Supervisor
Mr C Paillette MFL 2i/c MFL
Mrs J Parkes   Food Education Technician
Mrs K Peckover   Student Support Manager/DSL
Ms T Pham   Academic Coach
Mrs K Potter   Science Technician
Miss H Power   SLP Administrator
Mrs R Prince   Strategic Chief Finance Officer
Mr R Ram Science Head of Physics
Mr L Ravenscroft IT/Computing Director of Study- Whole School ICT
Mr R Reed Geography KS3 Geogrpahy/Class Charts Lead
Mrs N Reeves   HR & Primary Business Manager
Mrs R Reynolds   Student Support and Mental Health Lead
Mr J Robinson English  
Mr T Rowan RE  
Mr  J Ruane   SLP Administrator
Miss C Sadler Business Studies Vocational Co-ordinator- Business Studies
Mr H Sarcevic Maths/Economics KS3 Maths Co-ordinator
Mr S Sarcevic Maths Head of Maths
Ms A Shafiq   Netbook Programme Technical Lead and IT Technician
Miss E Shirley PE Assistant Head of Year 8   
Mrs E Shore Science Head of Science
Mr S Shore Maths Senior Vice Principal
Ms J Smith   Head of Reception
Mr L Smith   Senior IT Technician and Primary Programme Technical Lead
Miss M Smith   Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Spencer   Student Support Coordinator
Miss C Stone Maths 2 i/c Maths/Lead Teacher
Mr S Surti   IT Technician
Ms L Sutton   Catering Assistant
Mr M Sutton Science  
Miss H Swingler Art & Design Technology Head of Art 
Mrs J Taft   Assistant Catering Manager
Miss H Tahir Geography  
Mrs C Taylor   Director of Teaching School/SLT
Mrs J Taylor   Student Services Administrator
Mrs  S Tims   Cleaner
Mr A Tsintas Geography  
 S Vasdev Science  
Ms S Walker   Academic Coach
Mrs R Wall   Designations Finance Officer
Mr J Walley History  
Mr M Ward-Davies   Science Technician
Miss R Watson History Head of History
Ms T Webb PE  
Mr A Welch English  
Mrs R Wheeler Learning Development/English SENCo
Mrs S Whelan   Cover Supervisor
Miss L Williams Performing Arts Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr D Wilson PE KS4 BTEC Sport Co-ordinator/Primary SD Co-ordinator
Mr R Wilson Science  
Mr D Woodbridge Business Studies/Maths Head of Business Studies
Ms M Wray   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms A Zencic Computing  
Mr Y Zhu Maths  
Ms V Zsar Science