Senior Leadership Team

Dr J Coughlan


Mr G Hetherton

Senior Vice Principal

Mr B McGurran

Senior Vice Principal (on secondment)

Mr S Shore

Senior Vice Principal

Mrs E Breen

Vice Principal/SDSL

Mr D Hearnden

Vice Principal

Mr E O'Connor

Vice Principal

Mrs C Taylor

Vice Principal/Director of Training School

Mrs L Choudhury

Assistant Principal

Mr J Cunnane

Assistant Principal

Mrs E Giubertoni

Assistant Principal

Mrs M Moon

Assistant Principal

Mrs M Nutt

Assistant Principal

Mrs J Baptiste

Associate Assistant Principal

Mr C Catto

Associate Assistant Principal

Mr S Jethwa

Associate Assistant Principal

Mrs R Prince

Strategic Chief Finance Officer



Student Services Pastoral Team

Miss J Beard

Head of Year 7

Mr D Fell

Assistant Head of Year 7

Mrs H McGowan

Head of Year 8

Miss E Shirley

Assistant Head of Year 8

Mr S Clarke

Head of Year 9

Miss L Williams

Assistant Head of Year 9

Miss H Hunter

Head of Year 10

Mrs R Higginson

Assistant Head of Year 10

Mrs Z Dawson

Head of Year 11

Miss T Barron-Richardson

Assistant Head of Year 11

Dr S Osborne

Head of Year 12

Mrs M Healy

Head of Year 13



SEND Department

Mrs R Wheeler


Mrs C Brown

Assistant SENCO

Mrs I Goetschel

Assistant SENCO

Miss R Hampson

Assistant SENCO



All Staff

Name Subject(s) Responsibilities
Miss H Ali   Cleaner
Mr S Andrews   Cleaner
Ms A Anish Maths  
Ms W Ashton   Catering Manager
Mrs J Baptiste Art
Design Technology
Associate Assistant Principal
Miss D Barbier   Maths Hub Administrator
Mr J Barnett English  
Ms T Barron-Richardson RE Assistant Head of Year 11
Mrs E Bassett   Catering Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs J Bassett   Domestic Services Co-ordinator
Mr  K Bassett   Cleaner
Miss J Beard English Head of Year 7
Mr G Bell English  
Mr  C Bennett History 2 i/c History
Miss S Benton   Cleaner
Mrs S Bi   Cleaner
Ms A Bibi Science  
Mrs F Bisset RE Director of Study: Character, Wellbeing and Rewards/Head of PSHE/Lead Teacher (maternity leave)
Mr J Bloxidge Maths SLE
Mrs E Breen RE Vice Principal/SDSL
Mrs A Brennan   Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs   C Brown Science Assistant SENCo
Mr I Brown English  
Mrs K Brown RE Head of RE
Mr S Brown Science  
Mr T Bunn Maths  
Miss H Burton   Executive Assistant to Principal
Mrs M Butler   Catering Assistant
Mr B Capper RE  
Mr T Carpenter Maths KS5 Co-ordinator
Miss E Carter History  
Mr C Catto Science Associate Assistant Principal- Science/SLP/CPD/KS5 Assessment
Mrs M Ceesay   Catering Assistant/Cleaner
Mr K Cheshire   Premises Officer
Mrs M Cheshire   Lunch Time Recreation Supervisor/Cleaner
Mrs L Choudhury Music Assistant Principal
Miss T Claire Pyschology  
Mr S Clarke Maths Head of Year 9/Raising Standards Intervention Lead
Mr A Cole PE  
Mrs E Colgan   Student Services Adviser/Careers Adviser
Mrs J Cormell   Cook
Dr J Coughlan Maths Principal
Mr J Coughlan Science Assistant Timetabler
Mrs M Court   Administration Support- SEN
Mr R Crawford   DT Technician
Miss L Crump   Sports Centre Manager/Reception
Ms E Crutchley MFL  
Mr J Cunnane RE Assistant Principal
Mrs L Dane Design Technology
Miss E Darby   Head of Student Services- Post 16/Careers Leader
Mrs Z Dawson Geography Head of Year 11/2 i/c Geography
Mrs J Doyle   Catering Assistant
Mrs S Durkin   Student Services Administrator
Miss L Edge   Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs A Edmond   Catering Manager
Miss S Ellis PE Head of Girls PE (maternity leave)
Ms P Evans   Catering Assistant
Mrs C Fanning   Librarian
Mr D Fell Sociology
Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs C Fitzpatrick   SSWIS Project Co-ordinator
Miss S Fletcher   Senior Science Technician
Mrs S Flynn-Vilic English  
Mr Fogarty   Premises Assistant
Miss H Ghoris Science FTS Deputy Co-ordinator (maternity leave)
Mrs E Giubertoni English Assistant Principal
Mrs I Goetschel English Assistant SENCo/Pupil Premium Co-ordinator/Eco Co-ordinator (maternity leave)
Mr A Graham Computing  
Mrs B Grater   Reprographics
Mrs J Griffiths   Personnel & Safeguarding Administrator/Clerk to Governors
Mrs J Gul   Finance Assistant
Mrs C Haines   Teaching School Co-ordinator
Miss R Hampson PE Assistant SENCo
Mrs Harris   Computing Hub/EdTech Administrator
Mrs M Healy Science Head of Year 13
Mr D Hearnden   Vice Principal/SLT
Miss H Hearnden   Student Services Administrator/Marketing
Miss F Hebbes Maths  
Mr G Hetherton Economics Senior Vice Principal
Mrs R Higginson Design Technology Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs M Hodges English PSHE/Student Services Assistant
Mrs Hodgin   Teaching School Administrator
Mrs L Houldcroft-Flint   Examinations Officer
Miss S Hughes Music Head of Music
Miss H Hunter PE
Health and Social Care
Head of Year 10/Head of Health and Social Care
Dr S Jameson Science Science Assessment Co-ordinator
Mrs J Jethwa Performing Arts
Standards for Learning Intervention Lead/2 i/c PSHE
Mr S Jethwa Maths Associate Assistant Principal- Maths Hub Lead
Mrs R Jogia   Cleaner
Mrs C Jones   Cleaner/Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs G Jones   Cleaner
Mrs J Jones   First Aid
Mr R Jones   Premises Quality Assurance Officer
Ms Y Jones   Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Jones Science
Health & Social Care
Mrs M Kearney   Lunch Time Supervisor
Mr M Keeley MFL  
Mr O Khitab Business Studies
Vocational Co-ordinator- IT
Mrs C Klerides English/Media Studies Head of Media Studies (maternity leave)
Mr J Knowles Law  
Mr S Laight PE  
Miss G Laszlo English  Deputy Leader of English
Miss K Law PE
Extra Curricular and Leadership Co-ordinator
Mr J Leghorn   Finance Administrator
Miss R Lloyd English
Media Studies
Deputy Leader of English
Ms C Lynch Food Design & Technology
Head of Food Education
Mr K Malley PE  
Mrs A Marsh English Associate Principal - Head of English
Mr B Mashadi-Ebrahim Maths
KS3 Computing Co-ordinator
Mrs D Masih   Finance Administrator
Miss S Mayor Science Head of Biology/Lead Teacher
Miss C Mazabraud MFL Head of MFL
Ms J McCartney   Catering Assistant
Mr D McDermott PE School Games Organiser
Ms L McGowan   Teaching Assistant
Mrs H McGowan MFL Head of Year 8
Mr  B McGurran History Senior Vice Principal/Acting Principal JHNCC
Mrs H Middup Maths Primary Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs M Moon PE Assistant Principal
Mr N Moon PE Associate Principal
Mrs   L Moreton Design Technology
Health & Social Care
Mrs A Morgan Maths TSA Lead Senior Mentor/Lead ITE Maths Mentor
Mr L Mullins Geography Director of Study- Head of Geography
Mrs B Newton   Student Services Assistant/Librarian
Mr G Noone PE Head of Boys PE
Mrs M Nutt RE
Assistant Principal
Ms E O'Brien   Catering Assistant
Mrs L O'Brien   Admissions/Teaching School Administrator
Mrs S O'Connor   Maths Hub Administrator
Mr E O'Connor PE Vice Principal 
Mrs T O'Connor Design Technology
Director of Study- STEM & Primary STEM Outreach (maternity leave)
Ms S Oenga MFL  
Dr S Osborne Science Head of Chemistry/Head of Year 12 (acting)
Mr L Packham   Head of ICT Technical Team
Miss G Page   Catering Assistant
Ms P Page   Cleaner/Lunch Time Supervisor
Mr C Paillette MFL 2i/c MFL
Mrs J Parkes   Food Education Technician
Mrs K Peckover   Student Support Manager/DSL
Ms T Pham   Academic Coach
Mrs K Potter   Science Technician
Miss H Power   SLP Administrator
Mrs R Prince   Strategic Chief Finance Officer
Mr R Ram Science Head of Physics
Mr L Ravenscroft IT
Director of Study- Whole School ICT
Mr R Reed Geography KS3 Geogrpahy/Class Charts Lead
Mrs N Reeves   HR Administrator
Mrs R Reynolds   Student Support and Mental Health Lead
Mr J Robinson English  
Mr T Rowan RE  
Mr  Ruane   SLP Administrator
Miss C Sadler Business Studies Vocational Co-ordinator- Business Studies
Mr H Sarcevic Maths
KS3 Maths Co-ordinator
Mr S Sarcevic Maths Head of Maths
Ms A Shafiq   Netbook Programme Technical Lead and IT Technician
Miss E Shirley PE Assistant Head of Year 8   
Mrs E Shore Science Head of Science
Mr S Shore Maths Senior Vice Principal
Ms J Smith   Head of Reception
Mr L Smith   Senior IT Technician and Primary Programme Technical Lead
Miss M Smith   Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Spencer   Student Support Coordinator
Miss H Start Science Science Primary Liaison/Deputy SLP Lead
Miss C Stone Maths 2 i/c Maths/Lead Teacher
Mr S Surti   IT Technician
Ms L Sutton   Catering Assistant
Mr M Sutton Science  
Miss H Swingler Art Head of Art 
Mrs J Taft   Assistant Catering Manager
Miss H Tahir Geography  
Mrs C Taylor   Director of Teaching School/SLT
Mrs J Taylor   Student Services Administrator
Mrs  Tims   Cleaner
Mr A Tsintas Geography  
  S Vasdev Science  
Ms S Walker   Academic Coach
Mrs R Wall   Designations Finance Officer
Mr J Walley History  
Mr Ward-Davies   Science Technician
Miss R Watson History Head of History
Ms T Webb PE  
Mr A Welch English  
Mrs R Wheeler Learning Development
Mrs S Whelan   Cover Supervisor
Miss L Williams Performing Arts Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr D Wilson PE KS4 BTEC Sport Co-ordinator
Primary SD Co-ordinator
Mr R Wilson Science  
Mr D Woodbridge Business Studies
Head of Business Studies
Ms M Wray   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms A Zenkic Computing  
Mr Y Zhu Maths  
Ms V Zsar Science