Welcome to Bishop Challoner Catholic College

Welcome to the Bishop Challoner Catholic College - Careers HUB

Miss Darby (Careers Leader) can be contacted on 0121 444 4161 or by email: e.darby@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk





These pages are intended to help you to make sense of the vast amount of careers information that is available to you.  

In order to assist your child with decisions about their future pathways, you will need access to clear and up to date information about what is available to them. We hope that this section will provide you with that.





It is hoped that by sharing what careers provision is on offer at Bishop Challoner Catholic College that employers can identify ways in which they can contribute to our programme. (Please see our Provider Access Policy)   The information on these web pages will help facilitate careers conversations between staff and students at any time



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