Welcome to Bishop Challoner Catholic College

At Bishop Challoner Catholic College we believe that every individual is special and made in the image of God.  In living out our mission statement it is the duty of all to respect each other and offer an environment where all feel  secure and valued.

Bishop Challoner Catholic College fully recognises its responsibilities for safeguarding all members of our community.

Bishop Challoner Catholic College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils.  We believe that all staff and visitors have an important role to play in safeguarding.

If you have a concern that a child is being harmed or at risk of harm, you must contact a relevant member of staff immediately.

To view our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy please visit our Policies page here.

Mrs K Peckover

Associate Principal
Senior DSL

Mrs M Nutt

Assistant Principal

Mrs R Reynolds

Mental Health Lead

Mr D Woodbridge

Head of Business Studies

Mrs J Jethwa

Standards for Learning Intervention Lead /Head of PSHE

Mr C Quigley

Student Support Co-ordinator




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School Issued Student Email Addresses


Makeup of a student’s email address

The students email address is made up of their school computer username plus email domain. The email domain is the same for all (staff included) and results in a student email address like this: username@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk.

The username of a student is determined by the year they joined the school, the first 3 letters of their first name and the first 3 letters of their surname. For example, Liam Smith who joined in 2019 (Year 7) would have the following username and email:

Username: 19liasmi

Email: 19liasmi@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk

For sixth form students who joined the school in year 12, their username is backdated to the year they would have joined Year 7. For example, a student who joined in 2019/20 in year 12, would have a username beginning with 15.


Password link to school

By default, the password for a student’s email account is the same as the one they use to logon to computers in school. For example, if 19liasmi has the password of ‘cat123’ to logon to the computers in C3, 4, 5 etc. This is the password for his email account as well.


Correct website to access email account

It is recommended that students use the following link to login to their email addresses. mail.office365.com.


Reporting an issue with email access

If a student is having an issue accessing their email account, the school’s IT Support team can reset their password and then contact can be made to provide you with this reset. In order to report an issue with a student’s email account please contact the school reception on the following phone number, 0121 444 4161.

Online Safety During Remote Learning

Birmingham City Council - Advice publications


No Panic

NSPCC Information

Women's Aid

Summary of Support from Statutory Services